My Dream Wedding in may at the reception center at Saint Clement, Hazlet, NJ. I just love these beautiful orchids! We had flower string 2 feet as garland for the wedding arch. We use white orchid stem in vase with floating candles and orchid loose bloom "dyed blue" color as table centerpiece decoration to match my wedding color theme perfectly. (J & J - Matawan, New Jersey)

white and blue dendrobium orchid wedding new jersey usa

My cocktail is a white Cosmopolitan with gold sugar rim, with White orchid garnish. I couldn't be more happier with Orchid Club USA, as everything was perfect! Ordering was flawless, and they provided tracking as well. The shipment was right on time also. The flowers were fresh and vibrant and couldn't have been more beautiful for my signature drink. The bartender's couldn't keep up with making them and everyone kept going back for more! I wanted to tie in the orchids in my centerpieces and gold theme as well. I couldn't have been more Blessed how this all worked out! Thank you for everything and contributing to the success of a very Memorable evening :two_hearts:  - Peggi  (Connecticut)

orchid edible flower for cocktail drink


Excellent customer services. Very patient in explaining how to care for fresh lotus flowers and how to schedule for delivery of flowers for the event. - ALISSA  ( Florida )

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Today my husband ordered these orchid flowers for our 12th anniversary truly brightening my day and our years together!  - Alison (Morristown, New Jersey)

orchid club usa flowers for anniversary party


Gorgeous flowers from www.orchIdclub.us. I love them. Thank you - Michele (Allen, Texas)

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I have ordered from Orchid Club U S several times for planned events and most recently it was for a very large bridal shower. The flowers always arrive on time, fresh and beautiful. Orchid Club U S is, by far, the best place for the best orchids. I whole heartedly recommend them. - Rosalie,  Watchung, NJ

 orchid bridal shower

orchid bridal shower


 I was extremely flattered and very impressed with the delivery of these amazing orchids. Their quality upon arrival was superb and even after a weeks time they see to get prettier every day! - Dawn Bridy (Morristown, New Jersey)

orchid club usa testimonial new jersey


Marianne and Ralph from PARSIPPANY NJ  married 57 years , are always Celebrating!

orchid for anniversary
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This was my first time ordering exotic flowers from Orchid club and I'm glad I did. Flowers were packed well and shipped promptly!  The flowers are exquisite and absolutely amazing!  I will order from them again - Jens Oliver (Millburn, New Jersey)

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"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble" ( Helen Keller) A very appropriate quote for Orchid CLUB USA - their service is impeccable.

From Orchid Club USA I received the beautiful orchids that were so fresh that you'd think they were just picked. Orchid Club USA also made sure that I got them on time and packed with absolute care that these delicate flowers truly deserved. Here I am with the beautiful white orchids simply arranged to lend some elegance to my dining table. And a scattering of the blue orchids to garnish a simple blueberry ricotta cheesecake, or my peach tart for a birthday party.

Orchid Club USA , will be at my son's wedding next year for sure! You guys rock! - Tarts & Quiches (Matawan, New Jersey)

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Private Birthday Party . Orchids with Thai food are perfect together - Thai passion restaurant, (Chatham NJ )

orchid for restaurant


"I always have orchids in my home and had to tell you that these arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago and  they are still as beautiful ( as you can see) as the day they arrived! Great orchids! " - (Kimberly, New York)

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We ordered orchids for a small family get together. The orchids arrived perfectly packaged . So Beautiful and so delicate with no breakages! - Christopher (Boston MA)

orchid home decoration party


Mix and Match? "even though I have no idea " delivery arrived 2 days before my event Henry (Stamford Connecticut)

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My wife just got her Green Card , so I ordered green flowers for her. She was delighted and also thinks I am funny. - Oliver (Atlanta, Georgia)

green orchid for greencard