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Orchid Flower Care !

Flower Care & Preparation

Orchid wholesale and flower subscription by the box (Tray Box).

Our flowers are shipped directly from our grower partner farms. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for their journey with proper hydration methods with feeding tube. If your flowers appear sleepy and tired looking after their journey, it is absolutely NORMAL.

Instant Use

Remove feeding tube and put your flowers in the vase with water.

NOT use flower right away

Open box cover in a normal room temp so flower can breathe

PRECAUTION (Heat and Freeze!)

Orchids: Delivery to you through cold chain of airline, truck and FedEx control temperature 50F and orchid will survive and keep blooming to the top 1 to 4 in normal room temperature 70-75F

Your orchids will arrive with feeding tubes in a box 

  • Do not leave orchid in the box in the heat, backyard, or direct in sun light
  • Do not leave orchid in the box in the cold for flowers might have freeze burn
  • Do not put your orchid in the fridge

How long flower last?

Orchids will bloom to the top in your vase if you change water frequently (every other days) and in normal room temperature of 70-75F, but result may have varied by weather and condition. The life span range from one week (put flowers in water and forget about it) and as long as 4 weeks (change water every other day and room temp 68-70F) actual testing.