Lotus Care & How to open lotus (When Received)

Lotus Care & How to open lotus (When Received)

LOTUS TIP (open box), how to open lotus and make it last longer?


  1. Open box let it breath, carefully removed from box and put in vase with normal clean water
  2. EVENT USE  Open (fold lotus) a day before event use OR SAME DAY of event (it take 20 minutes to fold it). Open all lotus by fold them will last 4-6 days.
  3. NONE EVENT USE = Enjoy lotus last longer by FOLD (open lotus) 1/3 of lotus at a time and leave some in GREEN (they will last 4 days). They FOLD (open lotus) more by peel off petal every 3-4 days. This will enable you to enjoy 4 stages of LOTUS in your flower arrangement and 6-12 days life span.

example: lotus same box 4 stages (4 life-span) 

    4 stage of LOTUS life span


    1. Lotus first open box, you may see flower look tired and that is quite normal because of long journey. Simple remove lotus from box
    2. Removed "sponge" BOTTOM end of lotus and remove plastic wrapper from lotus flower gently (don't break the stem "flower's neck") 
    3. You can slide off sponge, BUT EASIEST WOULD BE "cut off" sponge from end stem. Lotus come in long stem so you can keep long or cut to short stem as desired.
    4. Put lotus stem in vase with "ONLY normal water" to hydrate lotus so you can prep them for fold, flower arrangement .
    5. You can keep lotus in NORMAL room temp 69-72F, or put them in fridge for a 1-2 days, you can do so in fridge 55F cool (orange juice and milk section NOT frozen section).


    how to open lotus fresh cut lotus wholesalehow to open lotus fresh cut lotus wholesale


    how to open lotus fresh cut lotus wholesale

    how to open lotus fresh cut lotus wholesale

    LOTUS FACTS, Do you know?

    • TECHNICALLY you can not force open lotus, open lotus you see is actually "FOLD OPEN"
    • In Nature, lotus open day time and normally close at night time.
    • Lotus flower and lotus leafs is water repellent even it grow in water and so call water-lily, so please DO NOT SOAK or WET lotus head in water (only water in vase hydrate end stem)
    • Lotus (fresh cut) open lotus don't like wind ....SO VASE OUTDOOR, blowing fan will make it turn dark fast. (Lotus like wind when it's still as a plant only)

     how to open lotus - wholesale lotus usa

    how to open lotus - wholesale lotus usa


    1. Open (fold) LOTUS STEM for EVENT USE best fold it a night before event use.  Fold (open lotus) last approx 4 days
    2. FLOATING LOTUS Head in water will make lotus last longer (approx) 6-8 days so perfect for home, spa, office, resort
    3. Change water everyday or every other day
    4. Avoid WIND or FAN blowing on the flower 

    floating lotus - how to open lotus


    Lotus 4 stages you can enjoy them
    • stage 1= green outside
    • stage 2 = peel off layers to see white, or see pink inside
    • stage 3 = open lotus ( fold lotus )
    • stage 4 = bare truth .. petal peel off and see CORE (look like peony) and this toward the end of lotus
    You can OPEN (FOLD OPEN) LOTUS 1/3 of lotus in your box , and leave 1/3 as green close lotus, then slowly open them. This way, you can enjoy 4 stages of lotus in your flower arrangement. This could maximum lifespan of lotus 6-12 days or more.


    Orchid Care (When received!)

    Orchid Care (When received!)

    Flower Care & Preparation

    Orchid wholesale and flower subscription by the box (Tray Box).

    Our flowers are shipped directly from our grower partner farms. Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for their journey with proper hydration methods with feeding tube. If your flowers appear sleepy and tired looking after their journey, it is absolutely NORMAL.

    Instant Use

    Remove feeding tube and put your flowers in the vase with water.

    NOT use flower right away

    Open box cover in a normal room temp so flower can breathe

    PRECAUTION (Heat and Freeze!)

    Orchids: Delivery to you through cold chain of airline, truck and FedEx control temperature 50F and orchid will survive and keep blooming to the top 1 to 4 in normal room temperature 70-75F

    Your orchids will arrive with feeding tubes in a box 

    • Do not leave orchid in the box in the heat, backyard, or direct in sun light
    • Do not leave orchid in the box in the cold for flowers might have freeze burn
    • Do not put your orchid in the fridge

    How long flower last?

    Orchids will bloom to the top in your vase if you change water frequently (every other days) and in normal room temperature of 70-75F, but result may have varied by weather and condition. The life span range from one week (put flowers in water and forget about it) and as long as 4 weeks (change water every other day and room temp 68-70F) actual testing.